Ms. Han Yang  

Ms. Han Yang, is Assistant Translator, Editor, and Researcher at CCPN Global (UK). She started her Bachelor of International Politics in Peking University in 2012, and the dual degree of Psychology in 2013, with scholarships from Peking University as well as APRO F.G. (Korea).

In 2013, she worked as an intern for the program 'China Social Survey', conducted by Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In 2014, she participated in the International Leadership Program of Victoria University of Wellington (NZ).  She also worked for Stanford Asian Liver Center on a voluntary basis. Asian Liver Center is a Stanford University based NPO where she was responsible for media, participated actively in website construction & maintenance, and was a member of NGO Fund Project.

Her interest lies in East Asian studies, NGO practice and studies.She is fluent in English and Chinese, with rudimentary understanding of Korean as well.



2013年,她曾以实习生的身份参与中国社会科学院社会学研究所开展的“中国社会状况调查”项目。2014年,她还参与了新西兰惠灵顿维多利亚大学的国际领导力项目, 也在斯坦福亚裔肝脏中心做志愿服务。斯坦福亚裔肝脏中心是以斯坦福大学为依托的非盈利组织,在该中心期间,她曾负责媒体联络,并积极参与网站的建设与维护,同时也是“众基金项目”组的一员。


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