LSE China expert engagement

From 2004 to 2013 CCPN has been engaging with LSE staff in different ways according to their expertise, commitments and time availability. We invited them to be Management Committee, core members, Academic Advisory Committee members of the CCPN and Editorial team and advisory board members of the JCCP (journal of China in Comparative Perspective). CCPN Global is very grateful for their intellectual input generous support  by acting one or multiple roles which can be seen  in different categories. 

Management Committee

Dr Xiangqun Chang 常向群(Senior Research Associate and CCPN Co-Director)
Dr Kent Deng 邓钢(Reader of Economic History, CCPN Director)
Professor Stephan Feuchtwang 王斯福(Emeritus Professor of Anthropology; Founding Director of CCPN and the first Chair of CCPN Management Committee)
Professor Athar Hussain (Director of the Asia Research Centre)
Dr Chun Lin 林春(Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics in Department of Government)
Dr. Hong Lu 卢红(Director of Executive programmes, Confucius Institute for Business London, CIBL)
Professor Danny Quah 柯成兴(Professor of Economics; Chair of CCPN Management Committee)
Dr Hans Steinmuller 石汉(lecturer in the anthropology of China, Convenor of MSc China in Comparative Perspective)

Core members

Dr Xiangqun Chang 常向群(Anthropology) 
Dr Kent Deng 邓钢 (Economic History)
Professor Stephan Feuchtwang 王斯福 (Anthropology)
Dr Geoffrey Gowlland 乔富利(Anthropology)
Professor Christopher Hughes (International Relations)
Dr Martin Jacques (ARC / International Relations)
Dr Bingqin Li 李秉勤(Social Policy)
Dr Chun Lin 林春 (Government)
Dr Xiaoji, Lin (Finance)
Dr Debin Ma 马德斌(Economic History)
Dr Bingchun Meng 孟冰纯(Media)
Dr Fei Qin 秦菲(Management)
Professor Leslie Sklair (Sociology)
Professor Francis Snyder (Law)
Professor Charles Stafford 石瑞(Anthropology)
Dr Hans Steinmuller 石汉(Anthropology)
Professor Arne Westad (International Relations)
Dr Catherine Hua Xiang 项骅 (Language Centre)

Academic advisory committee members

Professor Michael Cox, International Relations, Co- Director of LSE IDEAS
Sir Howard Davies, Former LSE Director
Dr. Kent Deng 邓钢, Reader of Economic history
Professor Stephan Feuchtwang 王斯福, Directors of MSc China in Comparative Perspective Programme, and CCPN
Professor Jude Howell, International Development, Director of ESRC Research Programme on Non-governmental public action
Professor Christopher Hughes, International Relations; former Director of Asia Research Centre
Professor Athar Hussain, Director of Asia Research Centre
Dr Chun Lin 林春, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Department of Government
Professor Danny Quah 柯成兴, Economics; Co-Director of LSE Global Governance
Professor AndrésRodríguez-Pose, Programme Director; Former Head of Economic Geography
Professor Nikolas Rose, Director of BIOS (Research Centre for the study of Bioscience, Biomedicine); former Head of the Department of Sociology
Professor Leslie Sklair, Professor Emeritus in Sociology
Professor Francis Snyder, Centennial Professor in Law
Professor Charles Stafford 石瑞, Professor and former Head of the Department of Anthropology
Professor Arne Westad, Director of IDEAS; Department of International History
Professor QiweiYao 姚启伟, former Head of Department of Statistics

Editorial team and advisory board members

Dr Xiangqun Chang 常向群(Managing Editor)
Dr Kent Deng 邓钢(Editor-in-chief)
Professor Stephan Feuchtwang 王斯福(Honorary Editor)
Dr Geoffrey Gowlland 乔富利(Review Editor)
Dr Jurgen Haacke (IAB member)
Dr Martin Jacques (Executive Editor)
Dr Bingchun Meng 孟冰纯(IAB member)
Professor Leslie Sklair (IAB member)
Professor Arne Westad (IAB member)
Professor Michael Yahuda (IAB member)     

The websites and blogs are in use while they are being built 本网站和博客均在'边建设边使用' 中

The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

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