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Mr. Tianyuan Huang, Assistant Researcher of CCPN Global; a full-time PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He was also an East-West Center Doctoral Degree Fellow (2007-2012). His research interests involve Comparative Foreign Policy,Non-Western International Relations Theory, Chinese Strategic Culture, and Global Studies. His PhD research explores a new inter-disciplinary approach to constructing a Chinese IR Theory.


Conference presentations

  • *Paper accepted: The Yijing, Correlativity, and Chinese Foreign Policy, “Challenges of Contemporary Governance”,The International Political Science Association's 23rd World Congress of Political Science (Montréal) - July 19-24, 2014.
  • *Roundtable discussant, China's New International Cultural Strategy amid the Global Financial Crisis, International Summit on the Global Financial Crisis and its Cultural Implications, Beijing, 31 October - 1 November 2009.
  • *Roundtable discussant, Rethinking the East-West Relations in the background of the Global Financial Crisis, The 1st Annual meeting of Chinese Academic Community of Political Science and International Relations, Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 13 December 2008.
  • *A Currency War? -- U.S.-China Relations in the Era of Financial Globalization ,"Building an Asia Pacific Community: Unity in Diversity", East-West Center/EWCA International Conference, Bali, Indonesia, November 13-15, 2008.
  • *Harmony and World Factory: Interpreting the Revival of Confucianism on the Basis of Environmentalism and Cosmopolitanism, International Conference on "Greater China in an Era of Globalization" Cho Yiu Conference Hall The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shatin, Hong Kong July 14-15, 2008 Co-organized and hosted by HK Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong & Association of Chinese Political Studies.
  • *"Harmonious World" and the US-China-Africa Relations in the Era of Globalization, Association of Chinese Political Studies, International Symposium and 20th Annual Meeting, “’Harmonious World’–New Thinking in Chinese Domestic and Foreign Policies”, Center for US-China Policy Studies, The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, San Francisco State University, 14-15 July 2007.
  • *Wang Yangming’s Neo-Confucian School of Mind and Its Influence on East Asia and Implications for the World, co-authored with Ming Zhang (first author), The 18th Annual Graduate Student Conference, “Asia-Pacific Journeys: Exploring New Directions” , University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, School of Hawaiian, Asian & Pacific Studies, Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, 14-16 March 2007.
  • *A New “Made in China”: Confucian Institute and Its Implications for the US-China Relations and the Asia-Pacific Community, the 6th East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, 15-17 February, 2007.
  • *Market-Oriented Reform of China’s Compensation System of Converting Land to Non-Agricultural Use: a Critical Analysis
  • Paper Published in the collected papers ( of the International Conference on Contemporary China Studies, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China, 5-6 January 2007.
  • *China’s Quest for Oil and its Implication for the US-China Relations, EWC/ EWCA 2006 International Conference, “Building an Asia Pacific Community for Sustainable Development”, East-West Center, East West Center Association, Hanoi, Vietnam, 7-10 December 2006.


  • *The Moral Force of Chinese Culture under the Background of the Global Financial Crisis -- a Modern Analysis of Chinese Ancient Soft Power, xueshu zongheng, Qiushi Journal on line (Organ of the Central Committee of the CPC). 13 September 2010
  • *The Global Financial Crisis Brings Opportunities to China's Cultural Development, Takungbao (Hongkong), A17/1  20 April 2009
  • *Technological Cycle and “Wave Type” Progressive Evolution of Regional Disparities, co-authored with Xueqing Huang (first author), “Nanjing Social Science (No.5, 2008), (pp.38-47)”(ISSN1001-8263 CN 32-1302/C)
  • *“American Media’s Attitudes towards China and the Implications for China,” co-authored with Chunping Guo (second author), in Creativity and Media (Edited by Chengye Li, et al.), Shanghai, China: Fudan University Press, October 2007
  • *China’s ‘New State-Owned Enterprises’, to be, or not to be? “Lingnan Xuekan (No.3, 2005) , (pp.49-52)” (ISSN1003-7462  CN44-1005/C )
  • *China’s Current Land Acquisition System: Bugs and Reform “Journal of Modern Economic Research (No.6, 2004, pp.34-36, 43)” (ISSN 1009-2382   CN32-1566/F)

TRANSLATIONS (English to Chinese)

  • *Sun Xiaoling, Cheng Xiaoyan, and Huang Tianyuan译著:美国大使馆揭秘:美国外交如何服务美国利益 Inside a U.S. Embassy: How the Foreign Service Works for America  【美】 Shawn Dorman编著 Potomac Books Inc.; 2 edition (August 31, 2009) 江苏人民出版社译著2013出版. BOOK TRANSLATION (English to Chinese)
  • [Sun Xiaoling, Cheng Xiaoyan, and Huang Tianyuan (translators). Inside a U.S. Embassy: How the Foreign Service Works for America , Shawn Dorman edited. Potomac Books Inc.; 2 edition (August 31, 2009). Translation published in China: Jiangsu People's Publisher, Jan 2013.]
  • * Wang Xiaojing and Huang Tianyuan 译文:论“道”与“气”之环境伦理 On the Environmental Ethics of the Tao and the Ch'i 【美】Chungying Cheng著 THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHILOSOPHY, 1986 Winter, Indian River Community College Press 译文收入:大学生GE阅读(第二辑)海外文摘 2010  中国传媒大学出版社.


  • *U.S. Foreign Policy Colloquium,Washington, D.C. the Elliott School of International Affairs, National Committee on US-China Relations & The George Washington University, May29-31, 2013.
  • *Invited Lecture in English: “Between US and China: a Comparison of Political Cultures”, Dept. of Political Science, Beijing Normal University, December 16, 2008;
  • *Academic Symposium: Issues and Solutions: Ancient Chinese Philosophical Thoughts on International Relations, Journal of Science of International Politics and Research, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, July 21, 2006.
  • *Globalization, Culture & Community, Seminar Workshop at Bryn Mawr College (near Philadelphia, PA), June 17-23, 2006.
  • the *U.S. Foreign Policy Colloquium, Washington, D.C. the Elliott School of International Affairs, National Committee on US-China Relations & The George Washington University, June 7-10, 2006.



黄田园先生, 全球中国比较研究会(英国),助理研究员;美国夏威夷大学政治学博士候选人,东西方中心博士学员及全额奖学金(2007-2012)获得者。他的研究兴趣包括:比较外交政策、非西方国际关系理论、中国战略文化以及全球研究。博士论文探索一种跨学科研究方法,致力于建构中国的国际关系理论。

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