Dr Xin Zhang 

Dr Xin Zhang, Associate Researcher of CCPN Global; Senior Economist and Manager of Information, Electric Power Trade Association of Shanxi Province, China. After graduation from the University, she engaged in accounting work in an Research Institute. Then she did her Masters Degree in Engineering and PhD in Law.

Xin Zhang's professional career covers wide range:

  • engaged in a variety of investment, such as completing the market development and forecast of Shishi’s cable TV network &Television Network, in Fujian Province; The White Miaopo marketing project of Xi'an High Voltage Power Supply Bureau substation, etc.
  • became one member of Western securities restructuring group of Shanxi Province Electric Power Company , one of the liquidation group and the securities investment research member working for the Shaanxi Province Electric Power Company, after finishing those things, I became the staff of this company.
  • was appointed to the Changan Insurance Broker Company which was in charge of Shaanxi province property insurance business;
  • worked for the grid Trading Center Department of Shaanxi Province Power Company. At that time , I had been responsible for some of Shaanxi power trading settlement and the system building of the market, Just at that time ,I got my Doctor of Law from Shanghai University.
  • from 2012, she works in information management, Electric Power Trade Association of Shanxi Province


张昕博士, 全球中国比较研究会副研究员; 中国山西省电力业协会高级经济师及资讯经理. 工学硕士,法学博士,高级经济师。


  • 大学毕业后从事成本会计工作
  • 后进入西北工程科技大学管理科学与工程专业,攻读投资学,1999年工学硕士毕业。硕士毕业后从事了多种投资工作,主要完成了福建省石狮市有线电视网络公司电视网络双向改造工程的市场开发及预测、陕西省电力公司下属的西安高压供电局变电工区白庙坡营销工程前期等。
  • 参加陕西省电力公司参股西部证券重组小组、陕西省电力公司上市小组、陕西省电力公司资产清理小组及证券投资等工作并进入陕西省电力公司;
  • 由陕西省电力公司财务部外派至长安保险经纪公司任陕西项目部副经理,负责陕西省内的财产保险理赔业务等;
  • 就职于陕西省电力公司电力电网交易中心,先后负责陕西省电力电网交易中心结算及陕西电力市场的开发等工作,并在此期间在职攻读上海大学社会学博士
  • 2012年5月起由陕西省电力公司外派至电力行业协会,负信息管理工作。

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