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Dr. Qun Liu, Associate Researcher of CCPN Global (UK); Assistant Professor of Department of Social Work, Shanghai Institute of Technology, China. She was awarded her PhD from the Department of Sociology, Shanghai University in July 2009. She was a Visiting Scholar at Population Studies Center Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan (9/2008-5/2009), and is currently visiting the University at Albany, State University of New York, USA (02/2014 - 02/15). Dr. Qun Liu's research interests lie broadly in Social Stratification and Mobility, Comparative Perspective on Social Administration in Urban China and Other Countries, Education Policy and Social Work Services in School. She has been actively presenting papers on Social Stratification and Mobility, and Social Administration with two books on the subjects edited in 2013. She has also received Research Grants from the Youth Fund Supported by the Ministry of Education of Humanities (2010) and the Social Science, China and Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Fund Planning Project (2012)

Recent publications


  • 刘群 著 《中国内河流域的船民研究》,河海大学出版社,2013.
  • 刘群 著 《上海社会管理创新的社区实践》, 河海大学出版社,2013.

Selected Journal articles:

  • 2013. “Shanghai Pattern in social Administration .”Journal of YunNan Administration College 7:20-26.
  • 2012. “Contemporary Boat People’s life along the Yangtze Huai River since 1949.” Journal of University Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing 12:130-136.
  • 2012. “Boat People’s Social Support and life condition along Huai River.” Journal of Hefei University of Technology Beijing 11:120-132.
  • 2007. “The attribution of Risks and Harmonized Society.” Forward Position 10:190-192.
  • 2007. “Status Attainment in China.” Tribune of Study 10: 67-70.
  • 2007. “How to make a harmonized society beyond the risks”, Theory Horizon 9: 33-35.
  • 2007. “Social Mobility and Status attainment in China.” Journal of Socialist Theory Guide 9:97-100.
  • 2007. “The Development of Positivism in Sociology.” Journal of Yangtze Normal University 4: 62-65.
  • 2006. “Haipai Culture and the Prosperity of Shanghai - Analysis of Shanghai’s social capital.” Haipai Culture and International effect, Shanghai University Press 254-258.
  • 2005. “Appraising Max Weber’ s Theory of Stratification and Culture.”  Journal of Chaohu College 1: 29-32.


Mark Granovetter. Chapter2,3,4,5,6,7, Getting A Job –A Study of Contacts and Careers Truth and Wisdom Press.Shanghai People Press,2008.


刘群博士,全球中国比较研究会 (CCPN Global, 英国) 兼任副研究员;上海应用技术学院人文学院讲师。她于2009年7月获上海大学社会学系授予哲学博士学位。 曾为美国密歇根大学社会科学研究院访问学者(2008年9月---2009年5月) 。刘博士的研究兴趣广泛,包括社会分层与社会流动,中外创意城市管理比较研究,教育政策与学校社会工作。  她一直积极地于不同的国际会议,积极地发表关于社会 分层与社会流动,社会管理研究的论文。刘博士于2013年在中国河海大学出版社出版专著两本。她是2010年中国教育部人文社科基金青年项目主持者,亦是 2012年上海市哲学社会科学基金规划项目的主持者,已于2013年顺利结项。



  • 刘群 著 《中国内河流域的船民研究》,河海大学出版社,2013.
  • 刘群 著 《上海社会管理创新的社区实践》, 河海大学出版社,2013.



  翻译第2到7章共六章,马克﹒格兰诺维特著: 《找工作:关系人与职业生涯的研究》 ,张文宏等译,格致出版社 上海人民出版社,2008.

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