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Nick Prendergast is an Associate Editor for CCPN Global (UK). A recent graduate from London School of Economics where he studied on the multi-disciplinary programme MSc China in Comparative Perspective. He was the winner of the Fei Xiaotong (Dept of Anthropology) for academic excellence. His particular interest is in the relationship between language, language policy and political theory. He is also fascinated by modern East Asian history and urbanism.
Nick Prendergast has been studying Chinese since the early 1990s when he completed his undergraduate degree BA Chinese and Japanese Studies at University of Leeds. He has lived, worked and travelled extensively in East Asia, most recently for three years in Beijing 2006-2009. 
Fulfilling a long-held ambition to further his academic interest in contemporary China he returned to full time study at LSE 2012-2013. 
Nick speaks English, Chinese and French and has a working reading knowledge of Japanese and Spanish. He is learning Persian to further his interest in Sino-Iranian relations.  


潘德刚先生, 全球中国比较研究会(CCPN Global, 英国)兼任助理编辑,伦敦经济学院中国比较硕士毕业生,获费孝通奖金。其重点研究包括语言,语言政策与政治结论之间的关系。

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