Dr Jianfang Zhou 

Dr Jianfang Zhou, Associate Researcher of CCPN Global (UK);  Associate Professor aNanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China.

Jianfang received Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Nanjing Medical University and a PhD degree from Nanjing University. Dr. Zhou works at Population Program Research Institute in Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunication. In the university, she teaches lessons such as Social Medicine, Health Management, Epidemiology, Statistics and Social Research Methodology. She also works as a resource person in Nanjing Population Training Center. Dr. Zhou focuses her researches in public health and population sociology fields.

Research projects in recent 3 years:

  • Health and health service demands research among rural elders from the changing family structure perspective(2013-2014)
  • Constructing family health service system, strengthen population and family public service(2012-2014)
  • Social integration research among migrated children in Jiangsu Province, China(2012-2014)
  • Population and family public service research in Nanjing(2012-2013)
  • Family and school cooperation: adolescent health integration research(2012-2013)
  • Health and health promotion in China(2012)

Publications in recent 3 years

  • A comparative study on school integration of migrant children and local children,Youth Study,2013.
  • Sexual and reproductive health service in Japan,Chinese journal of school health,2013.
  • School integration and its related family factors,Journal of Nanjing College for Population Program Management,2013.
  • SWOT analysis on expanding family care service by population and family planning public service network,Chinese health management,2012.
  • Exotic love: marital quality research among long distance marriage in WuJiang county, Jiangsu Province, China, Chinese population press, 2012.
  • Comparative study on marital quality of outside marriage and local marriage,Journal of Guangdong technology university, 2012.
  • Health related quality of life research among college student,Chinese journal of school health,2011.
  • Population and family planning work in community research,Journal of Nanjing College for Population Program Management,2012.
  • Benefit oriented family planning policy under low fertility rate circumstance: case study in Wujiang county, Jiangsu province, China, Population and Family Planning Magzine,2011.


周建芳博士,全球中国研究会(英国) 兼任副研究员; 中国南京邮电大学人文社科学院副教授。1997年毕业于南京医科大学公共卫生专业,获学士学位。2006年毕业于南京医科大学公共卫生专业,获硕士学位,2010年毕业于南京大学社会学专业,获博士学位。目前为南京邮电大学人文与社会科学学院人口与健康研究所教师。在校讲授过的主要课程有《社会医学》、《健康管理学》、《流行病学》、《社会学研究方法》和《统计学》等课程,同时从事公共卫生、人口社会学等科学研究工作。


  • 家庭结构变迁视角下的农村老年人口健康及健康服务需求研究(2013-2014)
  • 构建家庭保健体系,加强人口家庭公共服务(2012-2014)
  • 江苏流动儿童社会融合教育研究(2012-2014)
  • 南京人口家庭公共服务研究(2012-2013)
  • 家校联合青春期保健干预研究(2012-2013)
  • 中国人口健康促进研究(2012)


  • 流动儿童与本地儿童学校融合比较研究,青年研究,2013.
  • 日本青少年性与生殖健康服务经验与启示,中国学校卫生,2013.
  • 家庭因素对流动儿童学校融合的影响研究,南京人口管理干部学院学报,2013.
  • 人口计生公共服务网络家庭保健服务拓展SWOT分析,中国卫生事业管理,2012.
  • 外来的爱——吴江异地联姻家庭婚姻生活研究,中国人口出版社,2012.
  • 农村外来婚配与本地婚配服务婚姻质量比较研究——以江苏吴江为例,广东工业大学学报,2012.
  • 大学生健康相关生活质量研究,中国学校卫生,2011.
  • 社区人口计生工作研究——以苏州相城为例,南京人口管理干部学院,2012.
  • 低生育率背景下的完善人口计生利导政策的研究——以江苏吴江为例.人口与计划生育,2011.

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