Ms Chengqian Guo 

Ms Chengqian Guo, Assistant Translator and Researcher of CCPN Global (UK). From August of 2013 I started my postgraduate research in The University of Sheffield. In 2012 I completed two master degrees in Beijing Language and Culture University and University of Sheffield on Language testing and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign language separately.

My research interest is on the design and evaluation of teaching materials for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. I am also interested in the development of teaching methodology and language testing in the context of teaching Chinese.

Besides doing research I work as the module coordinator and teacher for Non-specialist Chinese in School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield at the moment. I am in charge of the coordinating between tutors and students and administration jobs.

Research Experience

2012: “A discussion about the categorical status of bei in Chinese long passives”. Presented on the14th China International Conference on Contemporary Linguistics.

2011: “An examination of the relationship between language of instruction and student language background in the TCFL classroom”, accepted by The 9th BCLTS International Symposium on Innovation and Standardisation in Teaching and Learning Chinese.

2011: “A comparison of the idioms in English and Chinese from the perspective of Pragmatics. ” Presented on the 8th International Symposium on Bilingual Learning (Second author).



郭成倩女士,  全球中国比较研究会(英国) 兼任助理翻译和助研人员; 从2013年8月开始在英国谢菲尔德大学攻读对外汉语教学博士学位。在此之前,我于2012年分别获得了北京语言大学和谢菲尔德大学的硕士学位,所学的方向分别为语言测试和对外汉语教学。

研究方向: 是对外汉语教材设计与评估。我对对外汉语课堂教学法和语言测试也十分感兴趣。



20125: 论文“A discussion about the categorical status of bei in Chinese long passives”在第十四届当代语言学国际研讨会上宣读。

20118:论文“An examination of the relationship between language of instruction and student language background in the TCFL classroom” 被第九届BCLTS中文教学标准与创新国际会议接收。

2011: 论文“英汉谚语习语语用对比分析”在第八届国际双语学学术研讨会上宣读(第二作者)。

2007: 论文《对外汉语教学中“了”的教法初探》获北京市大学生对外汉语学术论坛优秀论文奖

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