Mr Sheung Kuen Poon 

Mr Sheung Kuen Poon, Assistant Editor for graphics and images of CCPN Global (UK); BA in English Studies for the Professions, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His English name is Oscar. Below is his statement:

I had been the External Relation Officer in my first year. As a External Relations Officer, I went to firm visit in different kinds of potential partners including: Columbia, G.O.D, Choyce, Prisage to look for cooperation, asking for sponsorship and partnership. It requires good language and presentation skills. Throughout the year I have trained up not only English and Chinese speaking and writing skills, but also my confidence to do external works.

Becoming the Communication Manager in AIESEC in PolyU in the second year, I took charge of three rounds of overseas exchange programme promotion. The promotion includes: theme setting, poster and leaflet design, installation in campus, online promotion, etc. The promotion has proven to be a success and has drawn the attention of over 600 applicants to our exchange programme. I have learnt to use certain kinds of design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

My past experiences have made me a good team player, communicator, and it also developed my leadership and passion to serve. I hope to work together to achieve success as a Assistant Editor for graphics and images in the CCPN Global team.



潘尚權先生, 全球中国比较研究会(英国) 兼任助理设计编辑;香港理工大学专业英语学系本科生。其英文名为Oscar. 以下为其政绩陈述:

‘在大學在大學第一年,我擔任了國際經濟學商學學生會外交關係部人員,負責向外到不同公司尋找合作伙伴,例如,Columbia, G.O.D住好啲 , Choyce 及Praisage我讚等等。擔任外交人員需要做電話、電郵推銷,並到企業主動尋找合作,包括贊助和其他形式的支援。這訓練了我的中英文書寫及說話能力,並大大提高了我的信心去銷售。



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