Ms Qu Jingchao 渠静超女士

Qu Jingchao is a research project term member of CCPN Global. She is currently taking her MA in Translation and Interpreting offered by the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies (CBS) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, during which period she is not only taking classes associated with translation and interpreting skills and practice, but also working closely with a supervisor on a translation project (English to Chinese).

Qu Jingchao has obtained several certificates related to translation such as certificate for China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI): Grade 3, Written Test and certificate for Shanghai Interpretation Accreditation (SIA): Advanced Level, Written Test.

In one of her internships, Qu Jingchao had worked as an assistant translator at the Foreign Affairs Office of Yantai Municipal People’s Government, being responsible for translation and proofreading work of official papers (English to Chinese, Chinese to English) when she was a college student majoring in English.

Qu Jingchao also has a passion for social work and had acted as the volunteers’ team leader at the Rockefeller Foundation Centennial: Global Health Summit: Dreaming for the Future of Health for the Next 100 Years held in Beijing.

Qu Jingchao won the National Scholarship issued by Bureau of Education of P.R.C in 2011.

渠静超女士,全球中国比较研究会(CCPN Global)研究项目成员,香港理工大学中文及双语传译学院学生(翻译与传译研究生在读);她不仅学习和翻译与传译技巧及实践有关的课程,而且在导师指导下完成翻译项目(英翻中)。




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