Network for Chinese relationship and network studies (NCRNS)


The CCPN is the only network in the world with a core focus on 'networking'. This can be seen from our creation of a sub-network: Network for Chinese Relationship and Network Studies (NCRNS). Its core project is interpersonal relationship research, especially entrepreneur relationships, a topic common to every culture and society.

Its aims are to further the work of researchers interested in the study of interpersonal relationships, and provide a platform on which ideas and practices specific to Chinese culture can be identified and compared.

It will hopefully stimulate interdisciplinary research on Chinese interpersonal relationships internationally; comparison with other cultural practices as regards interpersonal relationships; generate a series of potential research projects based on related themes as well as projected advances in theory and method; and afford research-based understanding of these relationships in areas of practical value to government agencies and business consultants.

The CRRN consists 11 sections: Background, Establishment of a research network, Objective and aims, Significance, Methodology, Structure of the network, Network activities, Related projects, Working papers and publications, and References. 

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I. Background

II. Establishment of a research network

III. Objective and aims

IV. Significance

V. Methodology

VI. Structure of the network

VII. Network activities

VIII. Related projects

IX. Working paper series

X. Publications

XI. References

XII. Chinese humour on relationships and society (in Chinese) 


中国关系和网络研究网 (NCRNS)


       "中国比研究网 (CCPN)"是世界上唯一的以研究如何编织网络为核心的学术网站, 主体现在它所创建的一个子网络:'中国关系和网络研究网|'。现阶段,关于华人关系的研究将侧重于'企业家关系'这一人类社会共同的话题为核心课题(如: ? )。

       其目的在于进一步深化研究人员对其感兴趣的人际关系的研究,尤其是提供一个平台使有关观点和具体做法的中国文化特色在比较中得以识别; 刺激国际上的对中国的人际关系的交叉学科的研究; 基于相关的主题产生出一系列潜在的研究项目并提升出有关的基本理论和方法; 在实用价值领域为政府机构和商业顾问提供在研究基础上的对中国关系的理解。

        中国关系和网络研究网 (NCRNS) 由11部分构成,它们是:背景、研究网络的建立、目标和目的、意义、方法、网络的结构、网络活动、有关的项目 、工作论文和出版物、以及参考资料。


   一、 背景

   二、 研究网络的建立

   三、 目标和目的

   四、 意义

   五、 方法   

   六、 网络的结构

   七、 网络活动

   八、 有关的目

   九、 工作论文

   十、 出版物

   十 一、 参考资料



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