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The tradition of CCPN can be traced back to 1973 when Professor Stephan Fuechtwang established theChina Research Unit (1973-98) at City University. It was the first organization on China studies with a social scientific perspective in the UK. It is different from area studies or Chinese studies which includes both the humanities and social sciences, such as the Contemporary China Institute, and is now an associational organization of the Centre of Chinese Studies, SOAS|). The China Research Unit organised weekly events called the London China Seminar taking place at SOAS for 25 years until 1998 when it moved to the Anthropology Department of LSE.

Over the past two decades CCPN's founding Director Professor Stephan Feuchtwang and Dr Xiangqun Chang had been establishing links with more than 60 organisations in universities and research institutes in China. Together with some core members of the CCPN the relationships with Chinese links have been well maintained and are further developing.

This rich resource provides us opportunities to collaborate with Chinese colleagues in-depth and nationwide in China. We are willing to share our resources with people who are interested in studying in China.

Please note this information and networks are very different from LSE's official Academic Partnerships.  

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Central China (Beijing and Tianjin)  

Yangtze River Delta Region

Pearl River Delta Region

Other regions


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