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CCPN Global’, a UK registered charity (No.: 1154640), is a global academic society focusing on the study of China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective. CCPN Global conducts its academic mission via its global network, a peer-reviewed biannual academic journal (JCCP), bilingual websites, and other activities. CCPN Global has created a small social enterprise China4Global with a social mission to promote ‘globalization of knowledge from a Chinese perspective'. CCPN Global and China4Global foster a subsidiary trading company Global China Press and have formed a partnership with Sino-UK Educational Services. As a bridge between China and the rest of world, the Chinese and the non-Chinese, CCPN Global produces both global public good and global public goods, and participates in shaping a global society. More...

Global China Press

 Global China Press (GCP) is the first publisher in the world which publishes social scientific work of China bilingual in English and Chinese. The subsidiary trading company was fostered and owned by CCPN Global and China4Global. GCP focuses on studies of China in comparative perspective, Chinese perspective of the world or human knowledge, and non-Chinese perspective of China in a global context. GCP covers a range of publications from academic journals, edited volumes from selected conference papers or theme based articles, to research monographs, book series, teaching and learning material of Chinese for social sciences, and reference books. They are published in various forms, such as print, electronic versions, video, audio, on internet and mobile internet. (Registered company name: Global China Press ltd; No.: 8892970).     More...


Max Weber is not only celebrated as a founder of modern social science but also for his view that modern capitalism was the achievement of a uniquely Western rationalism. His celebrated study of China argued that its legal institutions and ethical and religious culture had prevented a similar development there. But he also drew on his knowledge of China in developing his ideas of bureaucracy, authority and legitimacy. 

CCPN Global is working with CCS, SOAS, Weber Studies Group, BSA, and the Journal of Max Weber Studies in organizing this conference.

It was successfully held on 5-6 September 2013, at SOAS, University of London. See a photo report 'China, the West and the Future of Global Capitalism - or Not?'    More...


CCPN Global is currently developing three long term collaborative projects. They are:   
   (1) 'Chinese language for Social Science', which includes popularization of studies from China & the Chinese from a Comparative Perspective, English and Chinese bidirectional translation of Chinese social thoughts, with the London Confucius Institute (CI) at SOAS, Department of the Languages and Cultures of China and Inner Asia, and SOAS China Institute, SOAS;
   (2) 'A comparative study between global civil society and 'global symbiotic society', with Global Symbiosis Institute, China; 
   (3) 'Comparative studies on social life in the UK, USA and China', with Contemporary China Social Life Archive and Research Center (CCSLC), Fudan University, and Fudan-UCLA Center for Comparative Studies of social life.


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The Campaign for Social Science was launched by the Academy of Social Sciences, CCPN Global is one of sponsors.

The Campaign for Languages Speak to the Future was initiated by the British Academy as part of its Language and Quantitative Skills Programme